Synteda is hosting a free digital seminar: Pedestrian mapping from electric scooters through computer vision

February 8, 2024

We will explore different ways of mapping out the locations of pedestrian around an electric scooter using a forward facing camera. This process involves several computer vision models and techniques such as YOLO, Adabins, SORT and Optical Flow.



Raffaello Baluyot

Data Scientist and Machine Learning Engineer

Raffaello is a machine learning engineer who is proficient in Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Software Engineering. Exploring research ideas and developing software products has been his role for 10 years, bridging the gap between research and development or working on both. Passionate about sharing his knowledge leading him to work with university courses and open source projects.

Join us at our Virtual Seminar on Thursday, Feb 29th at 12:00 – 13:00 and spread the word to your friends and colleagues!

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