We offer strategic services with the latest technologies and custom-tailored solutions.


Digitalization based on AI

Artificial intelligence can offer significant competitive advantages. Adopting AI into the business solutions gives better results which optimize the production with a seamless maintenance.

Detection and recognition by patented methods

Our experts use unique algorithms with the power of deep learning techniques to detect, verify and recognize. Our technology provides fast recognition with high accuracy.

Location analytics by machine learning

Give better services to your customers using location analytics based on AI, it allows you to learn, understand and visualise data, so your company can offer an exceptional.

Internet of things development

Create unique Internet of things solutions connecting devices, control systems and advanced analytical tools. With strong experience in data analytics and machine learning we integrate deep learning algorithms to analyse data in real time to improve customer service.

E-commerce product development

We offer development for your e-commerce platform. Our focus is to create and build an intuitive online store appealing user experience to engage the users and maximize the business profit.


We provide intuitive, easy-to-use and accurate IT solutions in order to enhance healthcare with cost-effective and secure use of information and communication.

Automation testing tools

Automate any user scenario regardless the implementation with our automation testing tools. We offer easy scripting or scriptless tools with and easy-to-use interface that allows users without pre-existing knowledge to start testing right away.

Staff/Team Augmentation

Offshore development is a cost-effective alternative to developing software onsite. Adequate protection and care is taken to ensure that our client's intellectual property and new development specifications are very highly secured and protected.


Transition phase
  • Resource planning
  • Team setup
  • Right personalities
  • Set the basic values


Operative Start
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Kick off
  • Teambuilding and group coaching
  • Decide and implement use case scenario
  • Agile coaching: Efficient standups, timeboxing, retrospective, planning, etc.
  • Set KPI and team goals


Steady State
  • Deliver as planned
  • Agile coaching: Improving processes, quarterly sessions, half day or full day, focusing on improving team efficiency and aligning with other teams
  • Team and personal coaching: Conflict handling, communication, behavioral mapping with insight, etc.
  • Follow-up KPI and team goals


Synteda helps you in your future journey to transform your business into an agile, innovative and effective organization that can effectively utilize and maintain Digitalisation and Advanced Tech analysis with a focus on advanced technologies.

Our specialists will review company products, systems and software to evaluate and to provide results for application(s) that fits your enterprise.


We help you to identify challenges and explore different ideas about how and where to use these technologies to enhance the effectiveness of your enterprise. We also analyse the solution from an ethical perspective to identify any risks for your brand and products, longer-term.


Together with Synteda experts a roadmap is co-created with goals and plans based on your specific open problems related to Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision and/or Blockchain. Additionally, we help to update and evaluate the progress of your plan.


Subject Matter Expert

Our team are experts in the latest technologies, majority of the team holds a PhD, and combines this with deeply rooted knowledge of industrial practice, acquired through years of empirical research and work in/with industry. Our experienced subject matter experts will support you and your technical challenges and provide a complete solution that is deployable in the real world.

Best practices

Our specialists employ industry best practices to deliver bespoke solutions aimed at enhancing your business's productivity.

Integrate, implement and deploy

Working agile alongside your team, our experts will integrate and implement effective solutions to ensure a smooth deployment.

Effective solution

Our broad experience helps us to solve your organization's challenges and improve your current situation.

End to End

Synteda builds the customized solution adapted to meet your company’s goals and plans. Solutions are developed together with you using agile methods and from a complete system perspective. Synteda always recommend the best suitable and the latest technologies within artificial intelligence (AI), Computer Vision (CV) and Blockchain(BC) to meet the highest standard in the market.

Workshop -Data collection

Typically, valuable information comes from heterogenous sources of data, which often needs to be refined by pre-processing methods to obtain accurate and high-quality data.

Proof of concept

We provide a working solution that demonstrates if the chosen solution is successfully applicable, capable of solving your needs and achieve real benefits. The work is preferably preformed in an agile manner with frequent feedback, interaction, and updates.


Create an agile team to build and implement a custom AI, CV and/or BC solutions for your needs starting with a small amount of your data and gradually scaling it up to gather feedback from you and verify the effectiveness of the solution.


The solution is deployed using advanced algorithms to optimize and improve your current products, systems and programs. As a part of the post-deployment Synteda experts provide you with the right tools to assess AI/CV/BC effectiveness to ensure a responsive and high-quality maintenance.

We make sure your AI, CV and/or BC launch is a success

We provide and deliver software that adheres to high standards for safety and quality and considering and avoiding ethical risks. We adapt and develop algorithms specific for your organization's challenges.

Data Analytics

Affordable visual analytics for SME based on Business Intelligence tools. Get understandable results from your data and make your decisions more precise.

  • Would you like to set your data in action?
  • Would you like to make your decisions more reasonable?
  • Would you like to get actual visual analysis of your data to aid in your decision-making processes?
  • Unsure how to get started?
  • Are you currently unable to hire a data analyst?
  • Does the installation and maintenance of a BI tool entail significant expenses?

We can solve this puzzle for you

This comprehensive solution provides an all-in-one offering. Utilize the outcomes of visual analysis effortlessly within your operations, without the need for expertise as a professional data analyst. We offer assistance in comprehending your data, guiding you on necessary preparation, and unveiling its insights.

  • 1

    Our experts will make a short audit and will find out what data you have and how it can be used best.

  • 2

    We will collect and prepare your data for analysis, regardless of whether you are using Excel or another platform.

  • 3

    Your data is converted into user-friendly visualizations accessible to all business users.


We help you in your journey to create smart and innovative products or services to provide a better experience for you and your customers.
Do not start the journey unless you are prepared to do it properly! We know what it takes!

Get ready!

Aim and generate Focus on the right things. You can take responsibility for your own future by understanding how different futures can look like, for example by ”scenario planning”. Understand your customers by looking at the customer journey. Focus on and then create insights in the areas you think are relevant to you. Once the challenges and opportunities are identified, methods are needed to create a creative environment that generates many and good ideas, such as innovation workshops, innovation events, and hackathons.

Build and test An idea needs to be tested and the best way to evaluate them is to build simple prototypes (Minimal Viable Products) and test them on real people. When you have done that, you probably did not succeed on the first attempt. You have to go back to the drawing board and redo. Then you test again. In this area, we collaborate with a number of companies to bring the expertise needed.

Create persistence Conducting an idea generation event or a customer journey analysis is energizing and fun, but without following it up or killing ideas for the wrong reasons, the culture of innovation is damaged! We recognize the phases a company goes through to become more innovative. Make sure you always become a little bit better. Subscribe to our coaching program and be reminded by us, learn new insights all the time or why not create an annual circular process and let innovation always go on.

Protect your ideas with an IP-workshop

You have a fantastic product or service idea and you want to be alone with it for the foreseeable future. We know how to squeeze as much IP, Intellectual Properties, out of the idea as possible and thus stop others from implementing the idea by going around the patents. We are a very creative team with equal technical expertise and have more than 35 patents together. As a bonus, an IP-workshop often ends with more great ideas that extend your offer.