What we do

We unveil the endless potential of AI and Computer Vision

We're your partner in navigating the exciting realm of artificial intelligence and Computer Vision.

Our mission is to guide companies through a transformative journey, enabling them to harness the full spectrum of possibilities offered by these groundbreaking technologies.


Collaboration for success

Innovation is ignited through collaboration, and at Synteda, we flourish through meaningful partnerships with both esteemed institutions and valued clients.

Our close collaboration with leading universities in Sweden allows us to tap into the most current research and knowledge, translating them into practical insights for your business. This dynamic synergy enables us to craft solutions that not only push the boundaries of innovation but are also meticulously customized to address the unique demands of your industry.

Our vision

Assist companies to embrace the era of data management and artificial intelligence effectively and take advantage of its vast possibilities by delivering innovative and functional solutions, expertise and advisory services.

In addition to technical excellence, our success is based on the ability to see the individual person and then think consistently at least two steps further than others.

Synteda Group is built on ethical awareness, welcoming and collaboration, from recruitment to end customer.

Our mission

  • Lead AI development on the road to sustainable technology.
  • Set the standard for AI services.
  • Set out as a trusted AI partner to ensure that organizations stay competitive at a time when AI is being widely adopted.
  • Be an example when it comes to the environment, safety and integrity.
  • Always put the customer first.

Core values

Synteda is built on ethical awareness, welcoming and collaboration, from recruitment to end customer.

We are attracted to persons who believe in core values such as curiosity, solidarity, ethical awareness, transparency, respect, participation and science.

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Environmental policy

Synteda actively works to reduce its environmental impact by following the environmental legislation and actively promote environmental awareness.

Our business model gives us the opportunity to actively spread our environmental thinking and contribute with good examples among our customers. Environmental work must be a natural part of daily operations.

Synteda strives to limit and prevent our environmental impact by:

  • Inspire to reduce environmental impact with a focus on energy consumption, waste management and business travel.
  • Encourage the use of public transport, cycle or walk.
  • Direct our purchases towards less environmentally impacting alternatives as far as possible.
  • Use suppliers with demonstrated good environmental practices.
  • Always comply with current environmental laws and regulations and constantly improve the sustainability of the company.
  • Reduce consumption by using energy, water and other resources efficiently.
  • Recycle and waste sort as much as possible and take care of all environmentally hazardous waste.
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle the resources consumed whenever is possible.
  • Set environmental requirements for partners and suppliers.
  • Minimize the number of trips and conduct video conferencing whenever is possible.