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Synteda specialist joins Qualcomm’s team

A new team member has joined us at Qualcomm in Link√∂ping. We’re excited to have someone on board who has contributed to the development of the Be-metrics product. As usual, we ensure all our...

February 22, 2024

IT-Security internship at Synteda

My name is Kim Pettersson and I am 38 years old, currently studying to become a security developer within IT, and now I am in my final year of the program. At the moment, I am w...

February 22, 2024

HiveMind/Scout is growing in academic popularity

Our amazing tool/platform for augmented testing is constantly gaining interest! Not only in industry but also in academia! More research teams than ever before are working with ...

February 22, 2024

Be-metrics & Bluewave join forces

Be-metrics is on the forefront of innovation, working alongside Bluewave to develop a scalable sensor that marks a significant leap in environmental monitoring technology. This ...

February 8, 2024

Synteda is hosting a free digital seminar: Pedestrian mapping from electric scooters through computer vision

We will explore different ways of mapping out the locations of pedestrian around an electric scooter using a forward facing camera. This process involves several computer vision...

February 8, 2024

Seeking senior IT experts across various domains!

Are you ready to take your career to new heights? We are on the lookout for senior IT professionals in the IT field to join our dynamic team.


January 26, 2024
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