Our Journey


In 2018, our voyage commenced in Gothenburg as Synteda AI came into being. Delivering outstanding IT services, Synteda AI swiftly earned its status as a reliable industry ally.

In parallel, the company undertook the creation of its inaugural product, Be-metrics. This innovative location analytics tool gauges spatial utilization and people traffic, enabling swifter data-driven decisions.

Short after, Synteda developed a user-friendly AI-driven application tailored for hoteliers. The app enhances guest experiences and simplifies order handling and staff management.


Synteda marked a substantial leap by establishing Symatiq, a strategic maneuver that strengthened its foothold in the realms of Visual GUI testing and Augmented Testing, reaffirming its prominence in these domains.

In this period, Synteda initiated the development of Ingress – an intuitive booking system and employee management tool. The implementation of this tool has proven to be game-changer for our company's internal operations.


In the year 2020, an exhilarating initiative began to form within the company. Synteda embarked on the creation of an eco-conscious platform named ReInk. The purpose behind this platform was to cultivate a sustainable method of book-sharing, advocating for environmental well-being and efficient resource utilization. This forward-looking endeavor not only highlighted the company's dedication to pioneering ideas but also underscored its resolute intention to make a constructive impact on the world.


Synteda extended a warm welcome to Unibase, embracing their collaboration to enhance the team of subject matter experts and diversify the portfolio of cutting-edge solutions. With Unibase on board, the company's ability to provide top-notch services across diverse domains was amplified, further solidifying its position as a premier provider of tailored solutions.


Synteda embraced the arrival of LuunaX, which not only expanded its team of experts but also extended its reach in offshore and software development services. This strategic move allowed Synteda to wider client base and leverage LuunaX's expertise to deliver exceptional results on a global scale.

Full of excitement for what lies ahead, we're ready for a bright future. The projects on the horizon fuel our enthusiasm, and our loyal customers keep us dedicated. Sharing and growing knowledge is vital for moving forward, and we're all in. The path ahead is full of potential, and we're eager to start this journey of growth and teamwork.