Navigating the opportunities and challenges of generative AI

November 3, 2023

A while ago, our colleague Diogo presented a seminar on Large Language Models. At Synteda, we have recognized the potential of this technology. Prompting questions provide us with answers in seconds. In summary, on one hand, it saves time, but on the other hand, it necessitates a commitment to quality assurance in order to fulfill its task. Michael Watkins and Ralf Weissbeck wrote an article for IMD about “The Executive’s Guide to Generative AI.” Among the listed truths and unresolved uncertainties, you will find crucial insights.
One of the truths listed, Truth #7, emphasizes that Generative AI will significantly accelerate innovation. The authors offer valuable advice for leaders: As a leader, your role extends beyond simply integrating this technology into your company’s operations. You need to lead a paradigm shift in your organization’s approach to innovation, inspiring and motivating your team to fully harness the capabilities of generative AI.
Meanwhile, on the flip side, as unresolved uncertainties, Uncertainty #4:Our ability to control dangerous bias in AI-generated outputs is hard to predict. This highlights the presence of inherent biases that, for example, ChatGPT can lead to unfair or unethical outcomes. The consequence is not only reputational damage, but it can also result in legal liability.
Leaders of change need to be cognizant of AI’s ethical implications and should institutionalize adopted practices in response to evolving societal norms and expectations.
Integrating Large Language Models with Advanced Tools to Solve Complex Tasks – YouTube

The executive’s guide to generative AI

Michael D. Watkins, Professor of Leaderhip and Organizational Change at IMD
Ralf Weissbeck, The former Group Chief Information Officer and a member of the Executive Committee at The Adecco Group.