Intern’s reflections on LIA experience at Synteda

March 24, 2023

We at Synteda have a LIA intern from IT Högskolan Göteborg, we ask three questions to Fabian.

  • What is your role and what project are you working on?
    The product I work on is Reink, where I have the role as developer. I have used python to do data analysis and data science.
  • What has been a fun challenge during your last project?
    A fun challenge has been creating the graphs. I had an idea of what some of the graphs would look like but finding my procedure towards it has been fun.
    Another fun challenge I’m working on right now is creating an API in python which is something I’ve never worked on before.
  • Now you are in your second LiA period and what conclusions and differences do you draw between the LiA periods?
    There have not been any big differences between my LiA periods because I went in and continued working on the same project I worked on during my previous LiA period.
    It feels more like I just continued where I left off my last LiA period.
  • What do you consider about Synteda as a company and it’s coworkers as well as an organization?
    I believe that Synteda as a company is very good. There is good cohesion between all employees within the organization.