Introduction to AI for Developers

Introduction to AI for developers

Introduction to AI for Developers

In this training you will learn main concepts of AI, machine learning and deep learning. You will have a better understanding of this advanced technology. It will be a good starting point for you to join the world of artificial intelligence.


Learn what is AI and the meaning of common terminologies.
Basic understanding of machine learning, deep learning and data science.
Better knowledge about how AI can benefit your business.

Main Topics
  • AI seminar (containing what is AI and how to use it )
  • Data Quality and Master Data
  • Data modelling
  • Advanced analysis (deep learning and image analysis)
  • How to design and program with AI
  • Customer journey assessments (especially within AI, when there are data sources in the loop)
  • Intervention and prevention of applied AI.
  • Group work of a specific real-life scenario within AI.


English | Swedish


1 day ( 4 hours to 8 hours )


Virtual | Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö


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