Innovation training for Leaders

Innovation training for Leaders

Innovation training for Leaders

This training gives you an understanding of all ingrediencies to achieve great innovation capability and makes your company relevant for your customers also in the future. Get loads of great experience from real world example. This course is mainly theorethical but we will try as much as possible relate to own examples and use real cases.


Understand the prerequisites for successful innovation, how to handle the future and your customer needs and adapt, how to generate high quality ideas, how to develop and test prototypes and get some tools to start with.

2 day Program and topics

Block 0   Pre-course, inspirational material and some simple exercises will be sent out to the participants.

Block 1   A brief walkthrough of prerequisites for successful innovation, leadership change management

Insighting – Learn to know your customer and about the future:

Focus on the right area of innovation – Don´t do it all:

Block 2   Ideation – Develop great ideas and take care of them

Develop prototype and test ideas in realistic environment

Realize and accelerate

Minimum requirement





English | Swedish


Digital: 2 days


Virtual | Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö


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