Extensive AI Training for Business

Introduction to AI for business

Extensive AI Training for Business

This training gives insights about how AI can benefit your business. Understand how this technology can be applied into practical solutions.


How and when can AI be implemented.
What effects does it have on your organization.
Learn about how data quality, organization process setup, culture and security are necessary for your organisation.

Main Topics

Block 1 – Data information, Big Data, Roles, Organisation Architecture and Technologies
Block 2 – Business rules, Business Analytics and Predictive modelling
Block 3 – Machine Learning, IoT, Digital data, Visualization and Business Intelligence
Block 4 – Deep Learning and Image analysis
Block 5 – Communication, Business process, GDPR and Security
Block 6 – Group assignment: Part 1 – AI transform, Part 2 – Innovate and deploy AI

Minimum requirements





English | Swedish


1 day to 2 days - block 1, 2, 3 and 6 | 3 days - all blocks


Virtual | Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö


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